TYVA Moduloo custom-made rechargeable lithium battery solutions

TYVA MODULOO modular batteries revolutionize the design and manufacturing of lithium batteries. Thanks to TYVA MODULOO solutions, manufacturing custom-made lithium batteries indeed becomes quicker and more economic.


The TYVA Moduloo principle relies on 2 ranges of modules WITH several modular SOLUTIONS, subsequently allowing multiple combinations for manufacturing LITHIUM-ION batteries


A WIDE choice of custom-made, modular lithium batteries


Lithium battery modules

Moreover, we have several types of modules for manufacturing your lithium battery. They come in two families:

  • first, the TYVA MODULOO 3D MODULES; they are essentially intended for prototype and small-series projects, 8 models from 3.6 V to 28.8 V with energy from 40 Wh to 100 Wh
  • secondly, the TYVA MODULOO Ax MODULES; they are intended for mass production projects, 4 basic models from 3.6 V to 51.8 V with energy from 900 Wh to 1800 Wh
  • Thirdly, FLAT and KUBE batteries; these standard models on the other hand, are intended for electrical mobility and energy storage projects, with a multitude of standard models from 25.9 V to 414 V with energy from 6.2 kWh to 14.5 Wh

Thus the combination of these custom-made lithium battery modules in series and in parallel, is used to design lithium batteries with overall voltages between 3.6V and 1,000V. Moreover, the volume energy density of our volumes in  CORE PACK version is, in short, outstanding with 245 Wh/kg.

The choice of TYVA MODULOO Ax

 batteries lithium sur mesure

in a A5, A5+, A4 and A4+ sheet-of-paper format.

The choice of TYVA MODULOO 3D

batteries lithium sur mesure

Compact format, 75 x 75 x 106 mm

The choice of TYVA FLAT & KUBE

Lithium batteries for electrical mobility


Electronic protection system for Lithium-ion batteries, static (SSR) and dynamic relays. Our products have several cut-off channels: discharge, charging, pre-charge. They also include all the protection electronics of a lithium-ion battery (current measurement sensor, isolation measurement, contactors, fuses, etc.)


This part is called the BMS (battery management system) and manages the following essential points:  Your lithium battery protection, safety and communication. Furthermore, our BMS is available in a low- or high-voltage version.
In this respects, it adapts to all of our custom-made lithium battery ranges.

digital battery

The real-time consultation of your custom-made lithium batteries becomes, at last, easy and intuitive. Indeed,the TYVA BMS application enables you to benefit from the advantages of a digital lithium battery.
Get the right information, at the right time.

Fields of application

A lithium battery custom-made system, designed first and foremost for small series or mass production, economic, modular and quick to implement

Energy storage

The increase of the cost of electricity indeed requires new needs for energy storage. In this respect, applications are intended for domestic and industrial use.

Electrical mobility

Our first goal is to meet the very high demand from electric vehicles: EV, PHEV, HEV, Micro Hybrid, hybridisation of construction site “Off road” vehicles, train, personal electric transport, motorbikes, go-karts, drones.

Outdoor lighting

Moreover, power LED technology combined with solar panels is used to create highly innovative products for outdoor lighting:


According to ABI Research, the market for domestic and military robots could increase fourfold in the coming years, to reach 6.5 billion dollars.

Assembled 3D Ax modules

The combination of Ax modules in series and in parallel, is used, in particular, to design lithium batteries with overall voltages between 12V and 1,000V.

The volume energy density of our Lithium modules is indeed the lightest on the market, with 245 Wh/Kg .

Specific 3D Ax modules



Our unique platform allows us to produce, at reduced development cost, custom-made modules specific for your application.

Battery management system

Our BMS (Battery Management system) provides protection and management for your Lithium-ion battery.

Electronic protection system

On only one ultra light board weighing just 75g and compact, with dimensions of only 90 x 62 x 18 mm,we did, integrate all cut-off functions of your lithium battery with, in particular, 3 fully configurable high-energy channels: charging, discharge and pre-charging.

With the TYVA Android application

Check your energy level at any time

With our TYVA BMS application, you can, for instance, very easily remotely monitor your TYVA MODULOO 3D and TYVA MODULOO Ax lithium batteries, from wherever you are.


ERAOLE Hybrid electric aircraft

MODULOO batteries have essential advantages for the performance of electrically-powered aircraft.
ERAOLE chose us for this very reason!

The iModBatt European project


By winning the European call for tenders H2020, TYVA Moduloo participates in the development project for a new European battery

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