TYVA Energie’s story in video! Part III

You were waiting for it? Here it is!! The third and last part of our company’s story TYVA Energie in video is out!

In this last part, you’ll discover the different applications of our innovative products Made in France. Enjoy 😉 and don’t hesitate to contact us for all your battery projects.

As you can see on our production site’s roof, our batteries fit perfectly with photovoltaic panels in a logic of energy storage.

But what are TYVA Energie’s batteries other applications? In the air, on land or at sea, our lithium batteries are with you everywhere.

Electric mobility is core to our applications, whether for scooters, buses, sports car or even off grid construction equipment, we do it all.

We can also fit electric boats or underwater robots thanks to our IP65 and IP67 batteries.

In town, you can also spot our batteries in a good number of street furniture.

For those who like to control everything in one click, it’s possible. You can monitor all your batteries from one single secure space.

We’ve presented you only a small percentage of the objects we can fit. You want to power a rocket? We’re in 😉

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TYVA Energie’s story in video! Part II

You were waiting for it? Here it is!! The second part of our company’s story TYVA Energie in video is out!

In this second part, you’ll discover our innovative products and their manufacturing process. Enjoy and see you next week for the last part 😉

Located in Annonay in the Ardèche region, our brand-new production site of 1600 m² is divided into 2 parts.

Coworking and relaxation areas dedicated to creativity on one side, which will put our engineers’ brains in drive, allow us to receive your project requests and drink a few coffees from time to time.

In fact, human values are essentials to us. Despite our strong growth, we are keeping our startup spirit. By the way, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit, that would be great!

On the other side, you can find the production site where our lithium batteries are produced or reconditioned on our brand-new automated assembly line. Let us show you around.

Cells are routed to the automated line. Robots take then care of the assembly. You can see it here with the Ax technology.

Once the assembly is completed, a dual verification is carried out – by robot and man before going to the expedition stage and be delivered at your place.

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TYVA Energie’s story in video! Part I

Rather than making long speeches, we decided to present our company TYVA Energie, its products and different applications as a video.

In this first part, you’ll discover the story of our company. Enjoy and see you next week for the second part 😉

TYVA Energie was founded in France in a small garage of Ardèche by Thierry Claudel in October 2013. For those who don’t locate Ardèche, it’s here – fear not, we know it’s hard to find us on a map 😉

Well, speaking of Ardèche, we are going to tell you about our values as they are closely linked to our beautiful region.

Indeed, Ardèche is well known for its preserved and luxuriant nature; our batteries’ DNA reflects this picture – they are ecological.

The batteries we design and manufacture are part of the circular economy: like the phoenix rising from the ashes, they have several lives.

Besides, our region having a strong industrial fabric, we favour short supply circuits. Our partners and suppliers are located less than an hour from our headquarters.

In addition to the “Made in France,” innovation is what drives us. Thanks to innovation, we can provide premium high-technology products always more qualitative, efficient and resistant.

But fear not! Though we are from Ardèche, the world doesn’t scare us!

Our flexibility allows us to provide you with tailor made lithium batteries with fast delivery in several countries. As proof, we have already sold 65 000 first generation batteries in 6 years in more than 20 countries. 

Let’s talk about figures now, because since 2013 a lot has happened at TYVA Energie.

Thierry came out of his garage in 2015 to move in real premises, which will continually grow along with the turnover and number of employees.

In 2020, our new building will be operational with a brand-new automated line. Come on, we will show you around!

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