TYVA Energie guarantees short lead and delivery times on lithium batteries

It is by choosing to manufacture its different ranges of lithium batteries in France and more precisely exclusively in the AURA region, but also by anticipating the current components shortage that TYVA Energie is able to offer short lead and delivery times on its different standard ranges. More details below!

Moduloo 3D & Ax

Our first product, Moduloo 3D, is a revolutionary lithium battery that allows you to create quick prototypes in 3 dimensions. We can deliver this standard battery in 5 to 10 days*!

Learn more about our Moduloo 3D range.

Moduloo Ax range is recommended mostly for robotics applications. It is the lightest battery on the market with a great energy density.  Our standard batteries can be delivered in 5 to 10 days*!

Learn more about our Moduloo Ax range.


Flat & Kube

Our Flat & Kube range is mostly dedicated to electric mobility applications. You can also find in this range standard batteries that we can deliver in 4 to 5 weeks*.

Learn more about our Flat & Kube range.


LX ion

If your application requires minimal space, you can go for our standard lithium batteries or packs. Count 10 to 15 days* to get this battery range delivered at your doorstep.

Learn more about our LX ion range.

*Guaranteed delivery times for mainland France only. Please contact us to have details for other geographical areas


Custom lithium batteries


If you have specific requirements we can also offer tailor-made lithium battery solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your specifications!