TYVA MODULO develops their own elements for electric aircraft batteries. For this reason, Océan Vital needs a lithium battery manufacturer.

The history of transatlantic flights is indeed rich with the legendary performances of Lindbergh, Mermoz, Rutan, and others.
However, all these flights were running on fossil fuels which are based on resources with scheduled depletion, and have proven harmful effects! The 1st Eraole® carbon-free, non-stop flight will be a performance “pioneer” with major environmental interest for the future of aviation, and for tomorrow’s sustainable transport.

I am Raphaël DINELLI, aircraft pilot and head of the Laboratoire Océan Vital dedicated to renewable energy.

In the last 7 years – sponsored by the major aviation specialists – we have developed an electric aircraft, Eraole, which represented France at the COP21, last December. This aircraft is the result of the major technological advances – it associates electric propulsion with solar power and with energy derived from a marine algae fuel, and has outstanding range and very low carbon emissions.

In a few months, I shall fly this aircraft alone, following Charles Lindbergh’s record path across the Atlantic, from New York to Le Bourget. ÉRAOLE will then become the first eco-friendly certified electric aircraft in the world, with such a long range.

batterie avion électrique