Battery for solar-powered lamp: Outdoor lighting

TYVA MODULOO 3D products are also an autonomous power supply solution for public street lighting.
Thus,TYVA MODULOO 3D modules can be assembled to form lithium batteries for solar-powered lamps.
Coupled to solar panels or another source of renewable energy, the goal is first and foremost to make street lighting autonomous.







Power LED technology combined with solar panels is used to create highly innovative products for outdoor lighting:

  • Solar-powered lamps
  • Street lamps
  • Sign posts
  • Beacon lights
  • Street furniture
  • Bus stop shelters
  • Traveller information terminals

TYVA MODULOO 3D modular Li-ion batteries are used to make these new applications autonomous. The small-size and the modular design of the TYVA MODULOO 3D batteries offer new construction possibilities:

  • First of all, a compact, sealed case
  • The integration into a tubular mast
  • And the replacement of 12V and 24V lead-acid battery 
  • A wide choice of  lithium battery solutions 12 V, 24 V  and 48 V


Battery for solar-powered lamps:

battery for solar -powered lamp
battery for solar -powered lamp
battery for solar -powered lamp
battery for solar -powered lamp

For outdoor lighting, TYVA MODULOO recommends the batteries:

Fields of application of 3D Modular lithium battery modules