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TYVA MODULOO gets involved in electric mobility electric vehicles with their lithium batteries for electric vehicles






In order to meet the very high demand for lithium batteries for light and heavy electric vehicles, TYVA ENERGIE developed the TYVA MODULOO Ax lithium battery technology for electric mobility. This innovative technology was developed in France with a 100% made in France production, in the region of AURA.

TYVA MODULOO Ax works with electric mobility community and currently equips many electric vehicles:


  • LEV ( Light electric vehicle)
  • EV (Electric vehicle)
  • PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid electric vehicle)
  • HEV (Hybrid electric vehicle)
  • Micro Hybrid (”stop and start’’ system)
  • Off-road vehicles, trains, construction site machinery hybridisation
  • Personal transporters
  • Electric boats
  • Electric ships
  • Electric scooters
  • Electric motorbikes
  • Electric go-karts

TYVA MODULOO Ax modular Li-ion batteries are the lightest and the most compact on the market. Our modules are used to very rapidly deploy lithium batteries for electric mobility, at a competitive cost. TYVA MODULOO Ax modular technology makes the manufacturing of lithium batteries easier with capacities from 900 Wh to 500 kWh, with rated operating voltages from 12 V to 810 V.

Our engineering department and our engineers specialised in autonomous energy, are available to help you find the best technical solution. Our modular, flexible battery platform, TYVA MODULOO Ax is used to meet all battery specifications.

For your electric vehicles projects, TYVA MODULOO recommend the batteries:

Fields of application of 3D Modular lithium battery modules