Renewable energy storage battery – Energy storage

The increase of the cost of electricity indeed requires new needs for energy storage.
This is why TYVA MODULOO Ax proposes lithium battery solutions for storing renewable energy.

Smart autonomous house


Residential :

In houses, solar panels coupled to a Lithium-ion battery storage are indeed the solution for setting you free from the electrical grid, either partially or completely. We are then talking about self-consumption of energy.

TYVA ENERGIE developed modular Lithium-ion battery solutions, TYVA MODULOO Ax, for independent systems producing renewable energies.

For domestic use, TYVA MODULOO Ax storage solutions start, in particular, at a minimum capacity of 1.8 kWh and can go to 12 kWh.

The rated operation voltage provides a continuous voltage range from 46 V to 800 V.



Several economic and political factors create an opportunity for the storage solutions for industrial facilities or farm buildings:

  • Decrease of fossil energies.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Abandoning nuclear energy for clean, renewable energies.
  • Increase of the cost of energy.
  • Stability of the electricity grid: consumption peaks, frequency regulation.



bring the following advantages:

  • First of all, a modular design ranging from a few kWh to several MWh.
  • Secondly, the replacement of electrochemical cells makes it possible to reduce the operating cost of the storage system and to benefit from the technological evolution of cells such as increased capacity and lifetime (number of cycles).
  • Thirdly, an efficient BMS (battery management system) for protecting and guaranteeing the lifetime of your lithium battery.
  • And a response time on the order of 10ms thanks to the integrated management electronics for lithium batteries.


Renewable energy storage battery

batterie stockage energie renouvelable

For renewable energy storage, TYVA MODULOO recommends the batteries:

Fields of application of 3D Modular lithium battery modules