Lithium battery and its fields of application

The custom-made lithium battery has indeed a wide range of applications.


Energy storage & Lithium battery

The increase of the cost of electricity requires new needs for energy storage.
This is why TYVA ENERGIE developed, in particular, Lithium-ion battery solutions with a management system for energy storage in residential and industrial environments.

electric vehicles lithium battery

Electric mobility & Lithium battery

To meet the very high demand in the field of electromobility, TYVA ENERGIE has developed high-performance Lithium-ion batteries suited to electric vehicles. Thus our modular Lithium battery solutions equip:

  • electric vehicles (EV, PHEV),
  • hybrid electric vehicles (HEV),
  • construction site ”Off road” machinery,
  • electric trains,
  • electric drones for passenger transport,
  • electric motorbikes, electric go-karts.
outdoor lighting lithium battery

Outdoor lighting & Lithium battery

Power LED technology combined with solar panels is used, in particular, to create highly innovative products for outdoor lighting: TYVA ENERGIE thus developed specific Lithium-ion modules, in particular for a discharge from -30 °C to 75 °C.

drone lithium battery

Robotique & batterie Lithium

Selon ABI Research, le marché des robots domestiques et militaires, pourrait être multiplié par quatre dans les prochaines années pour atteindre somme toute 6,5 milliards de dollars. Par conséquent TYVA MODULOO est là pour vous accompagner dans ces nouveaux défis technologiques.