Manufacturer of lithium batteries – France: TYVA MODULOO

TYVA MODULOO is a manufacturer of lithium batteries in France since the creation of the first 3D MODULOO modular batteries in 2013.

TYVA MODULOO is a subsidiary of TYVA ENERGIE.
It is an innovative technology company founded in 2013. It is registered at the RCS [French trade and company register] in Aubenas with a share capital of 50,000 €.
The company develops and manufactures an industrial range of ecological 3D modular Li-ion batteries.

TYVA ENERGIE is located in the center of the region of Rhône Alpes Auvergne, in the department of Ardèche. It also benefits from a dynamic industrial network in the field of new technologies.

The solutions developed by TYVA MODULOO essentially revolutionize the design and manufacturing of Li-Ion batteries. The modular-design of TYVA MODULOO solutions is used, in particular, for the emergence of new projects for integrating autonomous energy.

Our products are available for sale. Delivery times in Europe are of less than 2 weeks.
For more information, you can contact us by e-mail at:


Thierry Claudel
President and founder.

Thierry Claudel holds a DUT (technology university diploma) in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Data Processing with specialisation in “power electronics” from the University Institute of Technology in Belfort. He has over 17 years of experience in the battery industry and manufacturing. For 5 years, he was sales manager for French-speaking countries at Leclanché.

Thierry Claudel had the opportunity to create his own company, TYVA ENERGIE, in 2013. He now offers, with the TYVE ENERGIE group, a full range of Lithium batteries for the needs of autonomous energy required by the activities of OEM and ODM customers.


fabricant de batterie lithium france

Manufacturer of lithium batteries – France:

Modular products

TYVA MODULOO modules are used for the quick, economic construction of Li-ion in 3 dimensions. This flexibility allows us to produce assemblies in series or in parallel, without development or certification costs.

Made in France

Our battery modules are manufactured in France on semi-automated lines with 2 sites of production in the region of Drôme Ardèche. 80% of TYVA MODULOO Ax components are supplied from less than 60 minutes from the manufacturing sites. Our made in France manufacturing and our modular construction provide a delivery time of maximum 15 days for our clients, and an ultra-competitive price.