Modular lithium battery unit systems and solutions

TYVA MODULOO proposes, first and foremost, quick, economic lithium battery units that can be also custom-made.


The 3D Moduloo module

TYVA MODULOO revolutionizes Li-ion assembly by proposing ready-to-use modular battery solutions, with the following advantages:

  • First of all, a quick, economic battery construction in 3 dimensions, connecting all modules in series and in parallel.
  • Secondly, an easier integration Into a new product or into an existing product. It is thus possible to build battery systems from 40 Wh up to a few MWh.
  • Then, a multi-chemistry internal modular platform for 18650 cells: LFP, NMC, LMO and NCA.
  • An energy range with anoutstanding mass energy density (up to 180 Wh).
  • A power range with high discharge regimes (up to 15 C).
  • And an innovative wireless system for the mechanical and electrical assembly of modules.
  • No equipment,development or industrialisation costs.
  • No testing,qualification or certification costs.
  • And finally, an integrated heat dissipation system working with natural convection. When used with high charging and discharge regimes, it is possible to add a fan as an option, to improve heat exchanges.
  • And also a battery exempt of class 9 transport and to considered as dangerous goods.* This innovative, ecological method is used for the quick assembly and disassembly of electrochemical cells.
  • A quick, modular lithium battery assembly

3D Ax modules

TYVA ENERGIE innovates and proposes the second generation of high-capacity TYVA MODULOO Ax  ultra-compact A4 and A5 in a sheet-of-paper format. These new modules are first and foremost used to produce the lightest batteries on the market, and also to integrate an outstanding energy density going up to  245 Wh/kg. These new modules are used for the quick and economic assembly of lithium batteries.

Les Modules FLAT et KUBE

MODULOO Ax lithium battery unit

TYVA ENERGIE a développé une gamme standard de batteries au lithium, de grande ca-pacité de 6.6 à 26 kWh. Les batteries FLAT et KUBE intègrent la technologie TYVA MO-DULOO Ax . Ces batteries Lithium-ion sont très légères et étanches avec un boitier Aluminium résistant , la densité d’énergie exceptionnelle des batteries FLAT et KUBE va vous permettre de faire plus de kilomètres avec votre véhicule électrique.

Static relay (SSR)


The range of SSR (Solid State Relay) TYVA SW50-B, SW130-B and SW200-B Replaces the heavy, bulky components currently integrated into any standard Switchbox, PowerBox or PDU (Power distribution unit): power contactors, relays, current sensors, and fuses.

On only one ultra light board weighing just 75g and compact, with dimensions of only 90 x 62 x 18 mm,, we did, in particular, integrate all safety functions of your lithium battery with 3 fully configurable high-energy channels: charging, discharge and pre-charging.

Our board is also equipped with a programmable electronic fuse of 400 A maximum for ultra-fast tripping in 80µS.

The SSR static relay from TYVA ENERGIE will thus protect your lithium battery against any risk of short-circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, etc.

Its architecture is designed to be easily integrated into the BMS TYVA 

TYVA BMSs for safety

Our new BMS (Battery management system) is revolutionary for the protection of lithium batteries. Moreover, its design is not only lightweight with only 50 g, but also compact with dimensions of 110 x 62 x 15 mm. It also offers the possibility, on only one BMS board, to protect and manage Lithium batteries up to a rated voltage of 100V and 25 Lithium cells in series.

Following TYVA ENERGIE philosophy, our BMS is indeed modular and can also be used in a chain to protect batteries up to a voltage of 810V. Only one BMS master board is enough to control several slave BMSs.

Moreover, its SD board provides it with a memory over more than 20 years, recording all the events of your battery, putting an end to warranty disputes.

Our BMS also communicates with its environment through 2 communication ports:

  • Wireless with the Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology
  • Wired with isolated communication bus CAN 2.0B



This application works with wire or without wire both on a Smartphone and an Android Tablet.
In short, it is the mobile dashboard of your lithium ion battery.

Developed on the basis of transparent information between the user and their battery,
Mobile APP makes possible, the real-time consultation of your battery data:

  • state of charge (SOC)
  • state of health (SOH),
  • state of power (SOP)
  • instant temperature and current.

At last you have the right information at the right time.