Battery management system with bms mobile app

TYVA MODULOO proposes a battery management application for managing your batteries, also called BMS mobile APP.

Battery management system

TYVA BMS Mobile APP gives life to your lithium battery

Whatever your school of thought, whether with wire or wireless, this application for Smartphone and for Android Tablet is the mobile dashboard of your lithium ion battery.

This APP is developed in the first place for transmitting information between its user and their battery, in a perfectly transparent way. Moreover, it makes possible a real-time consultation of your battery data:

  • State of charge (SOC)
  • State of health (SOH)
  • State of power (SOP)
  • Cell temperature
  • BMS temperature and instant current

At last you have the right information at the right time.

The Mobile APP user interface is above all user friendly.

Whether you use for testing, profiling or just for information,the TYVA BMS application allows you to benefit in the real-world from all the advantages of a digital lithium battery.

 bms mobile app

Download the TYVA ANDROID battery management application

In short, find theTYVA application on Google Play Store, starting today! Use TYVA BMS and TYVA SWITCHBOX with TYVA MODULOO ! Demonstration with our 3D video !