Lithium ion battery protection circuit – Static relay (SSR)

TYVA Moduloo thus innovates and offers a high-power switchBox in an ultra compact format with a lithium battery protection circuit. Thus your lithium ion batteries will be protected by an electronic protection system.


lithium battery protection circuit

The range of SSR (Solid State Relay) TYVA SW50-C, SW130-C and SW200-C first of all replaces the heavy, bulky components currently integrated into any standard Switchbox, PowerBox or PDU:

  • power contactors,
  • relays
  • current sensors,
  • and fuses.

On only one ultra light board weighing just 75g and compact, with dimensions of only 90 x 62 x 18 mm, we did, indeed, integrate all safety functions of your lithium battery with 3 fully configurable high-energy channels: charging, discharge and pre-charging.

Our board is also equipped with a programmable electronic fuse of 400 Amperes.

The SSR static relay from TYVA ENERGIE will thus protect your lithium battery against any risk of short-circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, etc.

Its architecture is especially designed to be very easily integrated into BMS PRO TYVA.


Electrical specifications:

  • Solid State Relay (SSR) technology
  • Electronic protection of the discharge, charging and pre-charge channels
  • Lithium battery voltage: 9 to 63 V
  • Very low DC impedance 0.5 mΩ at I=200A
  • Maximum discharge current:  200 A
  • Maximum charging current: 100 A
  • Discrete integrated 200 A current sensor
  • Hot-swap protection
  • 3 independent integrated channels: pre-charge, charging, and discharging
  • Integrated pre-charging resistance
  • Programmable pre-charge time (charging the input capacitors of the motor controller)
  • Integrated, programmable electronic fuse (maximum 400 A / 80 µS)
  • Connector for BMS link

Mechanical specifications:

  • Operating temperature: – 40°C at + 85 °C
  • Maximum dimensions: 90 x 62 x 18 mm
  • Attachment by M4 screw, clips or board-guide
  • Integrated power terminal boxes for input and output
  • Weight: 75 g (100 g with TYVA Cooling)
lithium battery protection circuit
lithium battery protection circuit

SwitchBox TYVA range – Lithium battery protection circuit

Model Charge Current Discharge Current Tyva Cooling
SW50-C 30 A 50 A -
SW130-C 70 A 130 A -
SW200-C 100 A 200 A Yes