Pik0done, is the French regional touch which captures several years of development by our Engineering Office to end up with a new BMS (Battery Management System) firmware version. The firmware is the most important function of a lithium battery as it ensures its safety. Read more about the backstage and the new functionalities of this firmware version.

Pik0done in a few figures:

  • 3 years of development,
  • 7 C code Embedded Developers,
  • More than 50 000 lines of code,
  • About 430 croissants,
  • 5,23 kg chestnuts,
  • 125 litres of coffee and tea ^^


More seriously, here are the main features of our new BMS firmware version:



  • SOA (Safe Operating Area),
  • SOC (State Of Charge),
  • SOH (State of Health),
  • SOP (State of Power),
  • Management of IMD and IMR for charging and discharging battery phases,
  • ACBA (Advanced Cell Balancing Algorithm) that allows you to choose the balancing phase (charge, discharge or stand-by).


  • Integrated Bootloader,
  • CAN BUS 2.0 B J1939 compliant,
  • 2 CAN BUS (1 internal + 1 external),
  • BLE 4.2.


  • 17 errors detection,
  • Watchdog,
  • Recovery mode,
  • BMS status on control LED on GPIO,
  • GPIO interlock function,
  • Welded contactor checking (PDU lock).

Intelligence & smart functions:

  • PNFA (Perturbation Numeric Filtering Algorithm) numeric filtering of cell voltage and battery temperature measurement disturbances,
  • 88 editable parameters for battery mapping,
  • Datalogger with SD card or internal memory recording the latest battery events,
  • Up to 8 batteries parallelization with external TG8P (TYVA GATE 8P) gateway,
  • Choice of single or double channel PDU,
  • Regeneration allowed,
  • Configurable smart pre-charge: length and power,
  • Choice of charging and discharging channels via CAN BUS,
  • Low voltage function to avoid battery deep discharge,
  • Battery tracking with serial number.

Software tools:

  • TYVA Tool Flash: battery firmware update,
  • TYVA Support Tool,
  • TYVA Smart Dashboard : real-time battery monitoring app.

Compatibility with TYVA Energie’s BMS:

  • Standalone,
  • Master and slave,
  • Several batteries parallelization,
  • Static PDU,
  • Dynamic PDU.

Want to go further?

If you are not familiar with TYVA Energie’s lithium batteries, we invite you to have a look at our different battery ranges as well as our BMS (Battery Management System).

For those who already own our lithium batteries, lucky you ^^, we invite you to contact your dedicated Consultant Engineer or contact us directly


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