With its high-growth, TYVA ENERGIE looks for and recruits talented people for their site in Annonay.
Come and use your skills in an innovative start-up in the centre of the region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, 1 hour from Lyon and 50 minutes from Valence.

4 good reasons
to come and live in Annonay:

  • No more traffic jams, less fatigue and more time for your favourite sports
  • For you and your family, you will breathe fresh air
  • Eat high quality fruits and vegetables without ruining yourself
  • For the price of a small apartment in a big city, you will have a house with a big garden

4 good reasons
to join the TYVA ENERGIE team:

  • A start-up spirit and environment
  • Creativity and innovation are our motors
  • You will develop or sell the battery of the future
  • We encourage employee autonomy


7 + 10 =